Day 1: Jim Brown: The Fierce Life Of An American Hero

June 25, 2019 admin

#TheRightTimeBookClub is summer ready with a fascinating read about the greatest football player of all time. Bo is reading, Jim Brown: The Fierce Life Of An American Hero by Mike Freeman.

Every chapter covers a distinct phase spanning decades in Brown’s life and career. Listen to Day 1 of The Right Time with Bomani Jones summer book series.  Join the conversation #TheRightTimeBookClub #TheRightTime


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  1. Yvette T.

    Jim Brown opened his own home to gang members, he is the real deal and has done a lot to save young men (particularly Black young men).

  2. Drea

    Some may call this book at dry history on Jim Brown. I see it differently, Brown exemplifies strength, integrity and humanity at its finest. You have to go through a lot to shine pretty!

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