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First, something for my Atlanta peoples. A very good friend of mine’s in-laws were able to get out of New Orleans, but they were forced to leave most of their possessions behind. Well, a significant number of them are in Atlanta and I am trying to get the word out to my people that these folks need some things. If you are in Atlanta and able to spare some cloting–particularly women’s gear–please send me an e-mail. I’ll probably be driving down there not too long after I get to Durham, so I would like to be able to take some things to them along with the things I have in my basement that I’m gathering for donation. If you can help, please contact me. Should we round up more than they need, the excess will be donated to the Red Cross. If I’ve gotta meet up with you to get the stuff, I will.

Even if you live in Dekalb or Gwinnett counties. Would someone that lives in the SWATS please leave a comment and let it be known what a big deal that is? My daddy refuses to go anywhere near said parts, just cuz he don’t wanna.

But really, if you can help, please do. And at the risk of being a picky beggar, please don’t just unload your closet. Since I actually know these people, I’d hate to show up with a leisure suit talkin’ about, “you said you need some shit to hit the club in. This the same suit Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever.

I tend to update the blogroll with little fanfare, but there are a couple of additions I want to bring to your attention.

Not sure if I already mentioned this, but Fred Batiste, A Weapon of Mass Destruction, now has a blog. I’m starting to wonder if that means he won’t comment on here anymore now that he’s got his own, but please check him out. Beyond the recklessness he exhibits here, he’s got a first-class mind and is a first-class reporter.

Also, James Dillard now has one. James is one of my former students, a student at Carolina, and definitely well on his way. Be sure to check him out. He’s even going to be putting up some fiction here and there. He lists me on his thank yous, meaning he’s also way nicer than anyone should be.

Dame’s on now, also. In spite of that whole Morehouse thing, yanno. Again, he was too young to know any better when he made that decision. Check him out.

Following her battle with the WMD, Spider Goodlegs is on the roll. She keeps it crunk, boy. Were it not for SSP, I’d probably be that crunk. But I can’t–sorry, folks, but I’ve got employers that fire people over stuff like that–so check her out. Her blog is called “Grafitti…”

Tad Aggin, one of Luther’s ace boon coons, is on here. Tad’s done great work on Katrina, and Luther and I have known him now for about five years. Give him some love.

Rachel Sullivan has also opened up her tavern. Us social scientists need love, too, so check her out. Don’t worry, numberphobes, she’s one of them qualitative sociologists. Easy to digest the information, and it’s been pertinent so far. She was the first person I saw to blog about those disparate captions on pictures of looters. On top of hers, shawty.

Kevin Clark’s got his going, too. He’s doing good work with SOHH right now, so check him out. He deserves the traffic, if for no other reason than he’s somewhere in Ohio. When your is best known for being the site of a shooting, you need hits. What kind of hit depends on the person, I guess, but give him the online kind (unless he’s tryin to cop the other and you got it for the cheap).

I think that’s about everyone. I just got into San Diego, and I should be putting some interesting links that my old man sent me about Katrina. This never stops being amazing.


  1. You need to read this article in British newspaper the guardian.,16441,1563532,00.html

    It basically says that all those stories about armed looters running the city are lies.

    That’s actually not what this article says. This says that many of the more heinously violent allegations are unsubstantiated, but it doesn’t say that looters aren’t prevalent or that the claims are entirely false. After talking to someone last night who has a pocket full of stories–and said he hasn’t even told me the half–the looters are in effect. Maybe not raping babies, but they’re definitely in the game.

  2. Glad you found Spider’s site. She is one of the best. She keeps us on our toes!

    Shit, Spider found us. Ain’t that right, Fred?

  3. bo,

    i can gather some women’s clothes. I would love to help your people.

    i’ll email you my # from my yahoo address right now.

    Thanks for the pub.

  4. Homeboi…

    I’ll never stop posting my reckless ass statements in Virtual Bomaniland…

    I’ve just been hella busy doing followup after followup of the Hurricane Katrina (the baddest bitch!) catastrophe…

    and BTW…Spider fount us!!! It’s all good though…At least she didn’t drop “F-you, sir!” in the comments…

    side note: Bo, when’s the next hate mail post coming up???


    coming soon, What’s Jesse Jackson’s and Tavis Smiley’s purposes down here?

    and Fred’s take on why Jerry Rice meant more to him than Michael Jordan (it’s more than slangin’ draws baby!)…

  5. Do you still need clothes? I have baby stuff my infant has just outgrown that I am going to send to the Salvation Army in LA, but I also have a lot of plus size women’s clothes (in good condition and nice stuff) as well as clothes for bigger dudes (my partner is no small pancake). I’m not in your area, but if you email me an address, I’ll mail it to whomever you want. Otherwise I will take it to the redcross or salvation army, but it would be nice to help people directly. I don’t know or have contacts with anyone in that area, so if you know people who need stuff and can send me an address I’d be happy to help.

    (I’m a friend/collegue of Rachel Sullivan’s).

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