Kaepernick: So what does “distraction” mean?

The Undefeated contributor, Bomani Jones elaborates on the current unemployment of ex-49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Is Kap truly a distraction to the game or a casualty of circumstance? Bomani challenges critics who say Kap is at fault and had it coming.

Read the full piece, Colin Kaepernick is called a distraction, but from what? on The Undefeated as Bo reveals the real distraction.

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  1. Scott Sullivan

    Hey Bo. Listen to your show every afternoon on my way home from work. I’m a 45 yr old white dude. I agree with most of what you preach. I do however have a difference of opinion when comes to Kap. Kid is good or at least better that a lot of QBs playin in the league. My questions are:
    1. Is he more interested in being an activist than a pro QB? He can have a huge impact b/c of who he is but as a owner of a business, how is he making money for the owner? Not sayin its right but that’s a business owner who is paying him a lot of money.
    2. Just want your take on Jim Brown’s comments. This cat has been fightin for equal rights for a long time. Should Kap listen to what he has to say or just push forward? Like I said I’m a whit dude who never faced this kind of garbage. Thanks Bo.

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