The Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Show highlights:
Do you know the true meaning of Memorial Day? See why Bomani says many do not.
Urban Beach Weekend shut down? It’s not happening.
Harvard U: Separate Commencement or Black Ceremony?
The music of The Allman Brothers Band
Bomani explains why Kathy Griffin can recover
Kids rapping about drug
and much more…

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  1. Why are you leaving Highly Questionable. Can’t you do all these shows in the same day

  2. Hi Mr. Jones. I’ve never contacted a radio show or any show for that matter. I wanted share something about the Kapernick situation. What I wanted to share with your audience is the primary problem with non African Americans is they don’t have a sense of the African American experience. No empathy whatsoever. They can not or will not wear our moccasins at all, whether purposely or not.

    My quick anecdote is when President Obama was elected, for the first time in my 49 years I felt as though “we” were finally included in this great experiment called America; and as result, I planned to purchase an American flag and fly it proudly on my house for all to see, only for my plans to be deflated one day later by McConnell and the pledge of republicans to “make him a one term president”. I know your show is not a political show but the blatant alleged black-balling of Kapernick is yet another example of why non African Americans don’t get it. Instead trying to wear our moccasins they “again” reduce or subvert the message with a shell game of disrespect of the military. Because of this I prefer to not put my name on this because of the fear of retribution Kapernick has experienced and is currently experiencing. That’s my take.

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