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The Wrap: Are Podcasts and Social Issues Invading Sports?

Bomani speaks to The Wrap giving his take on the podcast craze, social issues invading sports and more. Hear it now!

“It isn’t effective to ramrod politics into sports discussion because it doesn’t do you any good to talk if there ain’t nobody listening,” Jones tells TheWrap

Bomani Jones Highly Questionable

Jones, left, on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable”


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  1. Jayson Miller

    I am a Football player at Idaho State University. I have been going through a back and fourth situation with athletics,my head coach Rob Phenice objectified me during a halftime at a game and hammer fist punched my shoulder, then when I told him I didn’t appreciate him putting his hand on me that way, he Said you can take it and hit me again. The next day I was brought in to speak with him about the punches yet when I go in we didn’t discuss it at all. Instead we talked about how my eligibility was up, and how I was not granted a redshirt from the previous year. 6 days before senior night he was telling me I was a senior, it was clear that I had redshirted the previous year it even says so on the roster. I have a statement written and I’ve submitted it to the Minority Advisory Board, but I don’t feel like I’m really going to get justice. The story is bigger than that. If you send me your email I’d like to share my statement with you. Essentially he tried to get me outta there because he punched me.

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