THEY SAY "..protests gripped the country and commentators across the media were trying to explain race relations but few did that more ably, in this moment and others, than Jones…." BEN STRAUSS - The Washington Post THEY SAY "… we need Bomani Jones right where he is, reminding us that great things can still happen underneath that big sky." MYLES BROWN - Complex THEY SAY "Jones offers something different: a nuanced look at sports, backed up by rigorous evidence and a refreshing willingness to admit mistakes." EVE L. EWING - GQ Magazine THEY SAY "Put plainly, they get it. They are able to convey information and opinions about sports in a style that is their own, but in a way that any audience can receive it." Jarod Hector - BET THEY SAY "Bomani Jones. A beautiful blend of sports, politics and clapbacks." Roy Wood Jr. - Actor