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Which member of Earth, Wind & Fire’s hairstyle would you rock? Verzuz Battles, Meg Thee Stallion Shooting, The Bubble... watch
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What has suddenly gone missing from your life during this pandemic? Bomani lets you know his answer. Why doesn’t Nick Cannon know what Professor Griff is all about? Bo’s apartment decorating tips. Has Verzuz jumped the shark? And the matchup that Bo really wants to see. Anyone know Garth Brooks real first name? Marc Lamont Hill vs Candace Owens. Toxic Twitter fights. Kanye’s rants and much more… watch
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Is Bo more trustworthy now that we can see his hair? We don’t know but he did get a contract extension and he appreciates all the kind words. Versuz: Is 50 dodging T.I. in these streets? We know who Bomani is picking. August Alsina: If you can sing, the world is yours. Has Jada called herself to the red table yet? Bomani doesn’t really want Central Park Karen to go to jail either.So Kanye’s really doing this? Bo almost took a video call and more …watch
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NO CAP Bo finally takes off the cap and realizes he loves his hair…..and his shades. Can Bomani laugh at himself? If the jokes are funny. Is Khruangbin the best band in the world? Bomani is not telling anyone to get off social media. You just gotta ignore the low follower accounts. What 3 tracks would you cut from Aquemini? Is it time to revisit taking down the Stone Mountain monument. Barbershops are proving that the masks work and more …watch
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The new back and forth between Le Batard and Bomani. A lot of people dont remember what made Ice Cube famous. Bomani revisists the Death Certificate track list. So what is J. Cole trying to say, bruh? Bomani tells the story of his diss track. The review of the Insecure season finale. Bo asks the chat to save him from himself. Is 8:46 Dave Chapelle's masterpiece? Why Bo won't really tell us how he
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It may be time for Bomani to break out the clippers. Bo asks why be mad at what Michael Porter Jr. had to say about the Minneapolis Police officers. Did “Central Park Karen” get banned for life? And Karen is a slur now? Jimmy Fallon does an incredible Chris Rock. What does it take for Bo to break out in song? The time that Bomani got mistaken for a beggar in NC. Maybe we should stop calling the police for everything little thing. Bo breaks down the top things police officers hate and more …watch
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Social Distancing: This Is Getting Real watch