Baba's Ten Favorites of '04

After receiving an e-mail from Mark Anthony Neal with his ten best columns of the year, it dawned on me that it wouldn’t be the worst idea to do the same. Especially for those who hadn’t peeped my work until recently, here’s a quick fast list of my favorite pieces of 2004.

Yeah yeah yeah, it's New Year's Eve…

Let’s make this one quick…if you got any sense, keep your ass indoors tonight. And if you pay to go somewhere, make sure the metal detectors are in full force. Folks don’t know how to act on the Eve, shawty.

RIP, Reggie White

It’s pimpin’ when it comes to these athletes/ministers. Many of them are no more schooled on the holy texts than anyone else, but they have a place in the market that allows them to draw people in and make people a lot of money.

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