Month: April 2005

  • You'll never believe this one…

    The most absurd e-mail I’ve ever read. Essential reading, I promise.

  • Carolina…and black colleges, again.

    I stand before you–yes, you–as an enemy of white supremacy, no matter where it resides. That includes black folks, white folks, and Flipper aka James the Nigger Hating Dolphin.

  • Happy Holiday?

    So, I get done teaching class this morning, and two of my students are arguing. One says to the other, “ask him.” “Bomani, what’s 4:20?” Oh buddy…

  • One Time for the Colored Schools

    I’ve heard every excuse people have to give for not attending a HBCU. I know cats that have turned down full rides to schools like Hampton, Howard, and Clark Atlanta (my alma mater) to pay some white man in a bow tie smoking a pipe upwards of $25K to be treated like crosses between stepchildren…


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