Let's talk about Bennett again…

…you all will have to forgive me. Every now and then, I put a link up that I haven’t read nearly well enough for whatever reason. Today’s reason is that I was working on about three hours sleep. I figured that ol’ Bill was talking moreso about what Levitt discussed, which was basically that drops in crime rates post-1973 could be attributed to Roe v. Wade. That’s bogus for the reasons in the last post.
Inexplicably, I really managed to not tell that this bastard actually said that crime would drop by aborting all black babies.
Wow, Bill…you went there. You really did.

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The top, ummm, we'll see how many Prince songs.

I figure this’ll spark more debate and bring out those Prince.org people that once said I wasn’t a Prince fan because I didn’t think he’d put out much worth a damn between Diamonds and Pearls and Musicology. If they’ve convinced themselves that I’m wrong on that, they’ll have to take that up with whatever deity they acknowledge.
Okay, I really don’t know how many songs I’m gonna put on this, and I know I’m gonna miss about twenty. Point ’em out…that’s the fun of this.

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