A milestone

Greetings from my barbershop. I keep a pretty low profile in here. For one, nobody gives a damn who I am. Second, I don’t like anything that involves waiting. I’m trying to get in and get out. Walked in today, and one of the cats pointed at me. Seems they’d seen the TV One special …

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PSA: Notorious

So I see Notorious, this movie about Biggie — which I hear is actually pretty good — is coming out on January 16.  As many of you have heard, the patron saint for us tall, skinny lightskinneded smart dudes is being inaugurated four days later. With that in mind, I ask for one thing — …

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They’re strange places.  Germ incubators, marvels of technology, and tests of any rational person’s patience. That’s because, while no one wants to be talked to on a plane, we’re all connected to each other in the flying tubes.  What one person does affects another.  Blow up the bathroom, and we all suffer. And if you …

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Kanye's Masterpiece

First, I must share a story of how I know I’ve waited too long to post.  First, I don’t even remember what the last post was (which means I’ll probably do three tonight).  But I did a remote at a Jersey Mike’s in Raleigh the other day, and a woman said I needed to post …

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