Let's Talk about Blueprint 3

The knee-jerk response to the…advance copy of The Blueprint 3 that…uhhh, the label sent me over the Internet…yeah…
Anyway, it’s been fascinating to observe.  Before I even took the (virtual) plastic off my copy, I’d been told how mediocre the album was.  That’s always possible with Jigga.  He’s dropped his fair share of stinkers, perhaps a natural byproduct of dropping an album every year.
(FYI, Prince dropped an album just about every year from ’79-92, and Jigga probably dropped more ughhh records from ’98-2000 than Prince did over those 14 years.)
Now, when I used to say that Vols. 2 and 3 were wiggy wack, people would say I was a hater.  I had to admit that part of why I’d diss those albums so gleefully was because of how the fuckers from New York at Clark talked about him, as if that Hovah thing was on the birth certificate St. Pete keeps on file.  Drove me crazy.  Absolutely mad.
But here’s the thing…I go back and listen to those records now, and they’re still extra average.  I think I passed the hater test.  Few of the four million people (!!!) that bought Vol. 2 are bumping it now.  Vol. 3?  Keeps the rings off your table when you set your drink down.
That said, I ask this question to those dissing Blueprint 3 — WHY ARE YOU HATING?  

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