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Symbols vs. substance in the racism debate The MHP panel—Jelani Cobb, Ari Berman, Brittney Cooper and Bomani Jones—discuss how outrage about racially-charged language can often distract from structural racism and the policies and actions that disproportionately harm people of color. Looking at actions over words with racism The MHP table talks about how sexism as …

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The Dan LeBatard Show | 05.01.14

If you haven’t been tuning into Bomani’s appearances on ‘The Dan LeBatard Show’ every Thursday at 3pm EST, you are missing out. Don’t worry though, we’re here for you. We will be posting the podcast right here on [audio

Illmatic in a Twitter World

What’s the legacy and influence of Illmatic today, in a social media world with disposable music consumption – and what does the future hold for Nas?

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