Month: August 2019

Day 3: Jim Brown: The Fierce Life Of An American Hero #RIGHTCLUBBOOKCLUB

It’s the Book Club Finale! Bomani dishes on why you shouldn’t have an issue with Andrew Luck’s decision to retire (0:40) and if Dwight Howard’s second chance with the Lakers will be a success (18:14). He also has a laugh at the fiction that is the rivalry between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova (29:12). Plus, in the finale of The Right Time Book Club, author Mike Freeman covers how the message of his book resonates today as well as the most interesting bit of information he came across during his research (41:23).

Nobody Really Gets Cancelled & The Popeyes Sandwich

Bomani appreciates all the birthday wishes. Especially the one from Ice T & puts out a petition that nows the time to get him on any 40 under 40 lists. Rick Ross stays relavent because his music stays banging. Is it a lie if you really dont expect anyone to believe it? Find out what comedian makes Bo skip business meetings. Bomani shares his first memories of ATLiens (and his first car) on the anniversary of its release. A review of the new Little Brother album. Fast food restaurant nightmares. Walking through the mall with your work uniform on. Bomani’s advice to college freshmen. Yes Bo has tried the new chicken sandwich! and more…

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