THE RIGHT TIME: Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson of Slate joins Bomani to chat about his new project “Slow Burn” Season 3: the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (0:29). They dish on episode one, which centers on the night that Tupac got shot five times in a New York recording studio. Also, where the rest of the series could end up and the problematic nature of that time in rap music. You can find it all here: Plus, Joel’s TCU beat Bo’s Texas, so that needed to be addressed (41:57).

I Got In This Business To Talk

Bomani and Gucci.  Gucci called Angela Yee what now? When would Bo expect Pablo to stick up for him? Is Bomani listening to country music now?  The Morris Day biography.  Bomani breaks down the differences between his interviews and his “conversations” on the job and why each has its merits.  OJ Simpson and more……   … Read moreI Got In This Business To Talk

INTERVIEW: Sports Illustrated Media Podcast

Bomani sits with Sports Illustrated Media Podcast to discuss topics like why he being too smart isn’t good television, why he loves radio more than any other form of media, what the NBA/China controversy was really about, where LeBron stands now, why the media hasn’t been on the Tyler Skaggs story, Eddie Murphy’s return, whether … Read moreINTERVIEW: Sports Illustrated Media Podcast