Month: May 2020

You Gotta Protect Yourself

It may be time for Bomani to break out the clippers. Bo asks why be mad at what Michael Porter Jr. had to say about the Minneapolis Police officers. Did “Central Park Karen” get banned for life? And Karen is a slur now? Jimmy Fallon does an incredible Chris Rock. What does it take for Bo to break out in song? The time that Bomani got mistaken for a beggar in NC. Maybe we should stop calling the police for everything little thing. Bo breaks down the top things police officers hate

THE RIGHT TIME: The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith’s “The Jordan Rules” (Final)

Author and journalist Sam Smith joins for the final installment of The Right Time Book Club on his book “The Jordan Rules”, including if he thought it would be controversial when he wrote it, the media’s fascination with Michael Jordan, and Jordan’s view of Horace Grant as “the snitch” when it came to the book’s sourcing (13:48).

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