Episode 106: H-Town– No Laying Up| TrapDraw Podcast

Our Houston guest is ESPN’s Bomani Jones. Bomani spent a large chunk of his childhood in Houston and talks about what that was like. He compares Houston to other places he’s lived and what makes it unique. Also, Randy asks about his background in Economics, teaching college, and they get into some basketball-related subjects, specifically around James Harden.

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Why are police exempt from the consequences of killing people? Bomani Jones sits with Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore wants to have *that* conversation about the fraught relationship between black communities and the police. It’s complicated, and frankly, it’s abusive. To help him try to unpack this whole mess, Larry is joined by sports journalist Bomani Jones.

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READ: Houston Chronicle Texas Sports Nation Interview

Q&A: Houston Native Bomani Jones on his career, sports, COVID and hometown fandom. Houston Chronicle. Read it now.

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LISTEN: Sacramento ESPN 1320 AM Interview

Listen to the Sacramento’s ESPN 1320 AM interview with Bomani Jones as they talk issues being brought up by Pac-12 players and Steph Curry. 

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ABC Live: Baseball season in trouble

ABC News sits with ESPN’s Bomani Jones to discuss the future of the 2020 baseball season after a surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Bomani Jones Stops By The JJ Redick Podcast

JJ and Tommy sit down with sports journalist and ESPN personality Bomani Jones to talk about the return of sports as the NBA restart nears (04:15). They also discuss why people should be experts in their fields and how athletes can use—and misuse—their platforms (28:08). They also talk about Steph Curry and different ways to…

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