Bomani Jones talks Ali and OJ

Bomani Jones reflects on the lives of Muhammad Ali and O.J. Simpson

Bomani Jones joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the diverging paths of Muhammad Ali and O.J. Simpson.

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Bomani Jones Is More Than Just the Smartest Person in Sports

Bomani Jones

Bomani Jones likes to talk. Not just in the selfish manner of someone who likes to hear himself, but as someone interested in sharing ideas with anyone who’ll listen. He’s hardly predictable, rarely brief, and full of elongated vowels. His cadence is too quick to diminish as a drawl, yet distinctly relaxed and unmistakably southern. He’s both common and unique; the approachable man with the unattainable intellect. Holding master’s degrees in both politics and economics, he’s regularly called the smartest person in sports media. But “smartest” feels too lofty for someone so grounded, no? Read more…

Miami New Times: Bomani Talks Highly Questionable, "It's Improvisational"

There’s not a sports journalist in America with a better office than Bomani Jones. Jones records both his ESPN radio show, The Right Time With Bomani Jones, and the TV hit he cohosts with Dan Le Batard, Highly Questionable, right inside the Clevelander, the iconic oceanside South Beach hotel…

” If there’s any downside to the work, it’s the winking acknowledgment that the real star of Highly Questionable is Gonzalo..”

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The Root 100

The Root 100

The Root 100 2015: Our list of 100 African Americans, ages 25 to 45, who are responsible for the year’s most significant moments, movements and ideas. To be black and excellent. But excellent not just in the way they conduct their business. To be black and excellent in their lives, in their careers, in their community.

Every year since 2009, The Root has defined black excellence with a list of 100 honorees ages 25 to 45, who, while succeeding across multiple platforms—the sciences, the arts, activism, writing, sports, business, entertainment—go beyond headlines or statistics. These are people who make the difference, having an impact on other lives through their work. And these are not just the famous or wealthy, but the many who often go unrecognized, fighting for equality and racial justice in a year defined by the pertinence of black life. more…

Bomani Jones #50

Bomani Jones: The People's Champ

Bomani HQ Full

Bomani Jones.

You remembered the name the first time you heard it because it’s a name you remember the first time you hear it. It’s one of those names that just feels important. Meaningful. Cinematic. You hear it and think “I don’t know who this person is, but I do know that they matter. Somehow.”

“I always felt like Cosby comported himself like a guilty man. He wagged all those fingers and kept the discussion going about what’s wrong with other people and kept the discussion off of him. And it’s not like Cosby the father had all these successes to hold up. I mean he had problems with his children also.”

Bomani reflects on Ferguson, Cosby and more with Ebony Magazine

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