A Farewell to Highly Questionable


  1. Steve Cekander

    I am a upper middle class white bread who was an athlete in many forms who was always reading and listening to ANYTHING sports related… I want to tell you from the bottom of my soul U GET IT!!! You are a SMART INTERESTING person who I have always enjoyed listening to… I drove 180 miles round trip for work with 10 hour days and u have helped get through those long hours!!!! Thank you again Bomani!!!!

  2. I was a big fan of the show prior to your arrival, I watched almost every episode during your run with the show. I was also a fan of yours after your appearances on ATH. Thank you for making me laugh and I hope you have some guest appearances in the future. And I can not wait to add your new show to my DVR list.

  3. Kiram Dahanet

    Congrats on the move. Sorry but we all know you will be back since that show will fail with Pablo. What was great about HQ was you were the brains while Dan and Papi were the funny so that was the perfect mix. Pablo is horrible . He is not funny . If you did it with Dominque Foxworth you would get good ratings since it would be a good compliment. You guys succeeded because it was the perfect mix. Pablo while yes he is smart he is not funny . All the best

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