So I was flippin through AIM profiles today and came across someone quoting that India.Arie song where she talks about how she’s not her hair and all that good stuff.
She’s also not very talented. Whenever people talk to me about India.Arie, they always talk about how she says things that need to be said. We love that. We respect that. However, doesn’t anyone notice that what she says is heavy handed and written with minimal skill? (This applies to Alicia Keys somewhat, too. Couldn’t write her way out of a paper bag.)
I am not my hair! I’m not a girl in a video! I’m a queen!
(First of all, she’s not a queen and neither are you. I ain’t no king and neither is anyone I know. But that’s another post for another day.)
I guess I understand that women are forced to deal with so many negative images of themselves that there’s some measure of empowerment that comes from someone blatantly rejecting that stuff. However, that doesn’t mean that her music is any good. And her voice is, at best, capable.
(This also doesn’t mean that her music’s all bad. I think “Brown Skin” is incredible and I have good things to say about “Ready for Love.” “Video?” Shoot me before you make me listen to it again.)
So without talking about the positive qualities of her music, could someone please tell me what there is about India.Arie that deserves anyone’s attention?
Cuz if that’s all you’ve got, I need a record deal. My first single will be, “Don’t Be Tryin’ to Sell Me That Crack!” Guaranteed to be critically acclaimed by the green tea crowd.
Either way, someone please enlighten me. It’s not just that I don’t dig her stuff. I’m just at a bit of a loss when trying to understand what other people see.