CC, Carlos, Catwoman, and Caucasians

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Had an interesting talk with my buddy Captain Cancel the other day. Many of you may know him as the Crown Prince of St. Vincent, and a few of you know him by his legal name. Either way, he had complaints about the last little ditty about Coondoleezza Rice (typo? maybe…).
“That piece was atrocious, man.”
CC wasn’t too keen on the lack of subtlety, which I can understand. However, that prompts me to make this warning…
Those of you that have met me more than once know that I’m not the biggest fan of conversational subtlety, and I intend this to be a conversation. There’s a comments page because I want to start dialogue.
Look here…talk is cheap. In that spirit, I do this here blog for free. But subtlety…that costs money. And since I’m not getting a check for this, don’t expect too much subtlety. For subtlety, check the links on the side. I’ll give you whatever intelligence I have, but that’s all I promise. Should you really want subtlety, holla atcha boy…and send a money order.

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If a white man says you're a house nigger…

Business first. Check this month’s piece for the Black Sports Network. I’m there once a month, and a “good lookin’ out” to David Cole for that.
Mailing list link is still down, but shoot me an e-mail and I’ll add you.
Gotten lots of questions about the regularity of updates. I’m writing this to pass some time, waiting for writer’s block to subside and/or motivation to get back to the office arrives. If this becomes the impetus for blogging, this thing will read like War and Peace in a week and a half. But, my expectation is for every week and a half or so.
Also, got the new ones from The Roots and Devin the Dude. Recommending both. And I recommend The Roots particularly to those that were turned off by that damn Phrenology (Aden, where you at?). Where Phrenology proved they can be weirder than anyone imagined, The Tipping Point reaffirmed that tey can be as good as it gets when they’re on a roll. As for Devin, it’s what you expect–good, profane fun. Not as hot as Just Tryin’ Ta Live, but it’ll do the job.
I’m not too keen on white people using the word “nigga.” I’ve configured my own spell check to recognize it as a word, but it’s not a privilege I’m sharing with everyone. But when I heard Ted Rall referred to Condoleezza Rice as a “house nigga,” it was pants-pissing time.

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