The beginning…

I once said that I wanted to have, my own website off the ground in September. Most recently, I said that a couple of months ago, but the original plan was for this to happen in 2001. Three years, two moves, and myriad changes later, here it is.
And before we go any further, this wouldn’t be here without jimi izrael and George Kelly, so much thanks go out to them, along with my humble request that you click and check out their pages.
So, in the spirit of countless others with so much to say and access to too few soapboxes, here is my own. I hope this doesn’t just turn into the place from which I rant and rave, but it surely will be an outlet for both. It also will be a way to keep my readers abreast of my professional developments, along with those of my respected colleagues and friends.
In the near future, after I figure out how to really navigate this thing, there will also be pictures, bio information, and all kinds of other fun stuff that delicately treads the line of self-promotion and self-indulgence. And since I’ve yet to really find out where one starts and the other begins, that will be an interesting trip.
And just so there’s no misunderstanding…this ain’t no diary. I’ll spare you the intimate details of my life because they’re…intimate. Funny shit that comes up on a day-to-day basis will be here, but nothing that I’d think would be a waste of your time.
Or mine.
But for those that have followed what I’ve done for the last four years, I thank you. For those who are new to my work, I welcome you. And for those who found this while looking for the right place to send me hate mail, I’m here to let you know this is the place. So long as they are insightful, comments of any sort are appreciated. The more vitriolic ones are typically entertaining, and those that are poorly thought out make my day in a million different ways.
How regular will updates be? That’s a fantastic question. I live two different professional lives and pretend to be fairly social, so I have no real idea of how often I’ll be able to blog. At the same time, I’m sure something will piss me off enough to mandate instant venting.
So enjoy and pass this along, and I offer my most sincere thanks. If you’d like to be notified of new entries to the blog, there’s a link on the page for that. I hope to be able to set that up in a way to also notify you of newly published works. So those of you that have been receiving my personal notifications should register for this notification. The machine will now do that bidding, I hope. Right now, the link that allows additions to the notification list is acting up, so just send me an e-mail if you’d like to be added to the list.
Let’s go…

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  1. Bomani-
    You are my hero! You constantly amaze me and I’m so glad that I walked into the financial aid office that one hot Atlanta day. Please keep me up on what’s going down with you…

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