Ladies and Gentlemen, Raymond Felton!!!

Felt Pac

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(Somehow, they originally thought that I was Jackie Manuel, but that couldn’t be right, given that my shots hit the rim. So, after re-evaluating what kind of guy I am, I became Felton, who I should be)
Business…this week’s, the column’s on an evening with Grandmaster Flash. Should make your heart a bit fuzzy if you really love rap music.
I’m getting some things done to prepare to attend my grandmother’s funeral next week, so I’ll probably be back on the update around Wednesday or so. But first, here’s an update on the Dutch Masters…

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Adventures in Rec League Coaching

Here’s the first, “damn, I feel old” moment of 2005.
Being Aden Darity’s media assassin means handling some other tasks, like being his assistant coach for a rec league basketball team. Now, the kids are really cool, but they’re not quite that good. It’s okay, though. When kids are 16 or 17 and sign up to play rec league ball, they’re doing so because they really just want to play. That’s to be commended. Plus, even at rec league, they get girls to come and watch them. No small feat.
But Aden and I showed up late to this game, probably two minutes into the game. As Aden got to the bench, one of the scorekeepers tapped him, pulled him close, and then said…
“Some of the kids on your team are high, especially #24.”

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