Ladies and Gentlemen, Raymond Felton!!!

Felt Pac

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(Somehow, they originally thought that I was Jackie Manuel, but that couldn’t be right, given that my shots hit the rim. So, after re-evaluating what kind of guy I am, I became Felton, who I should be)
Business…this week’s, the column’s on an evening with Grandmaster Flash. Should make your heart a bit fuzzy if you really love rap music.
I’m getting some things done to prepare to attend my grandmother’s funeral next week, so I’ll probably be back on the update around Wednesday or so. But first, here’s an update on the Dutch Masters…

Well, our intrepid heroes got hip and all showed up sober. Eyes were white and the whole nine. So what happened? You guessed it…they got the brakes beat off ’em. I’m stuck with a serious moral dilemma. Is winning that important? Maybe not, but no one wants to see good kids get their asses whooped consistently, save for the uniquely masochistic. Me and Aden have a plan, a player who’s suitable for the Bel-Air Academy offense. If you don’t know ’bout that, aks somebody.
Also, get ready for what may turn out to be some interesting stuff. The column will have a bit of a historical bent for Black History Month. I may be doing a joint on the Carolina/Duke game, but the surprise will be just how it’ll be done. No matter what, it’ll be that good entertainment.
Oh, and I should be a godfather soon. That’s somethin else, ain’t it? And added to losing my grandmother, it’s another one of those circle of life things. In the words of the TDD, “life is crazy, ain’t it?”

2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Raymond Felton!!!”

  1. Dag, I’m Roy. I have nothing to add.
    As for Flash, you know you couldn’t stand it — you HAD to get your groove on ’cause you can’t stop rockin’ when Flash is on the beatbox….
    Grandmaster Flash is willing and able.
    He’s the king of the cuts on two turntables.
    He’s the grand, grand, the master man;
    he’s so nice with his hands he don’t need no band.
    Rocks 45’s and 33’s,
    rock boys, men, women and young ladies.
    He can slice so precise it’s almost funny,
    and he makes better love than a mint makes money.
    Slick Rick, Slick Rick, Slick Rick, Slick Rick…
    Old School’s in session…

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