Top 25 – Jimi Hendrix

After much debate, I decided to go with Hendrix this week. If I have to tell you why I’d want to do a list on Jimi, I’m not sure what I can do for you. I can tell you this–no one has ever been farther ahead of his time in his prime than Hendrix. To this day, he is universally considered the greatest guitar player ever. That’s based on a mere four years worth of recorded material.
That’s amazing. And he was a bad man before he went solo. For an example, please look out for the Isley Brothers’ “Testify.” Fantastic stuff.
Anyway, to the list we go.

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Bad, Bad Wal-Mart and More Hate Toward Hip Hop

Click this here. It seems we’ve seen the last of those cute Wal-Mart commercials with the greeters in wheel chairs.
And they said big business doesn’t have a heart.
But the real fun has been sent to my by Big Rell. I feel bad for him. First, he’s got to endure Tar Heel football season, and then he’s gotta read madness like this. Here’s a sampling
ROSA PARKS did not defy a white bus driver in 1955 so teenagers in 2005 could attend school-night concerts by black performers filled with self-hate.
Okay, here are where my problems start.

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