Month: October 2005

  • Quick Business

    My take on Fisher DeBerry.

  • Don't Send Me Nothin' Bout No Picnic

    There are a zillion things that most of us could chose to be mad at The Man about. Why do we manufacture them? Why go out of your way to look for something that’s so inconsequential in the grand scheme?

  • Top 25 – Jimi Hendrix

    The greatest guitar player that ever lived.

  • Bad, Bad Wal-Mart and More Hate Toward Hip Hop

    This generation was molded by his. If these rappers are that messed up and their messages are so readily identified with by the masses, then it stands to reason that his generation had a role in helping create these cats’ ideas, epistemologies, and preferences. Because of that, he can’t wash his hands of us that…


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