Don't Send Me Nothin' Bout No Picnic

So I just got one of those e-mails talking about how “picnic” is derived from an old Caucasoid leisure activity, going out and picking niggers to lynch.
So how long are people gonna be stupid enough to believe that one?

I went to the dictionary. Contrary to the rather terse note I sent the folks that sent me that e-mail, picnic isn’t a Native American word. Instead, it’s derived from the French word “pique-nique,” which has the same meaning as the English adaptation. It’s not about pickin’ niggers. It’s just not.
But why do black folks send this shit out, wear t-shirts saying the same thing, etc? Huh?
There are a zillion things that most of us could chose to be mad at The Man about. Why do we manufacture them? Why go out of your way to look for something that’s so inconsequential in the grand scheme?
This continues to bother me. Gotta be bigger things to get riled up over than this.
I’m tired and cranky. Happy Friggin’ Halloween.

6 thoughts on “Don't Send Me Nothin' Bout No Picnic”

  1. resistance fatigue my friend…when we can’t get “riled up” over the things that really matter, we reduce ourselves to sending urban myths through the e-mail.

  2. The first I had heard about this was on BET’s Comic View (yes, very credible source I know). I didn’t believe it then, but of course somebody took it as truth without researching and started spewing that garbage out to others.
    **Sidenote** Maybe a bottle and a nap will help to quell the crankiness and fatigue…

  3. I need to read stuff before I send it, but there was some fact in it that had nothing to do with being “riled”. It was horribly written. Nevertheless, forward doesn’t mean fact. Everyone I know is intelligent enough to know that. Never take anything as truth just cause somebody says so. PICNICS AND FREAKNICS!!! Holla atcha cranky.

  4. Quoting Bomani Jones,”There are a zillion things that most of us could chose to be mad at The Man about. Why do we manufacture them?”
    I think you answered your own question. The Man has done so much jacked up $hit that it is easy to believe these kinds of stories. You think, “Well, he did create AIDS to kill the black man, so he probably did this.”
    My rule is this anybody that sends me emails with this kind of info loses some credibility points. Check it before your forward it.

  5. liz, that is ignorant, i feel like my man bomani made some very solid points, and then you come with some comments that try to make valid, the very things he has just preached against

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