Best way to be a leader? By following, of course!

‘Round the time my show started, someone tweeted a link with the new dress code at Morehouse. Here it is.
Much of the discussion on this has centered around the prohibition of customarily female clothing on campus. In the linked post, much is made of the “heteronormativity” of the code but, I must admit, I’m not qualified to discuss a term whose meaning I’m not totally familiar with. I can add the prefix, base, and suffix, but I’m sure there’s more to it than such a clinical interpretation.
Nope. My problem is with Morehouse’s refusal to let dudes be who they are.
That’s an important point if Morehouse continues to posit itself as the last bastion of the upwardly mobile black man. The tone of the linked post carries that assertion. I attended my nephew’s graduation from Morehouse, and I heard someone on stage (I believe the President) say the same thing. Saw it on the preface of this dress code, too.

It is our expectation that students who select Morehouse do so because of the College’s outstanding legacy of producing leaders. On the campus and at College-sponsored events and activities, students at Morehouse College will be expected to dress neatly and appropriately at all times.

So I’m assuming this dress code is being administered because this is how Morehouse believes leaders should behave.
What a load of bullshit.

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