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Saturday is my last day on the air for 850/620. I guess I’ll say more on it Monday — today’s been a bit much, to be honest — but in the meantime, I thought many of you would enjoy our final segment.
I’ll be back soon.

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  1. joshua bumgarner

    I guess that this radio station wants to have “CORN NUGGETS” on the air……….
    Is this what we have came to?
    I just took 620 off my dail and will be calling JOE O to remind him “THIS IS WHY
    YOU SUCK”……… HATER!!!!!!!
    I guess this is another time when keepin
    it real goes wrong………

  2. As an odd silver lining, I’m going to be a lot more productive at work now I have nothing to listen to during my lunch break. Whoever they got replacing you might have to get the “hate hate hate hate hate”. Thanks for everything Bo. Be easy.

  3. Now what am I gonna listen to on Saturday morning while I’m driving my better half around the yard sales?
    The Triangle lost excellence in broadcasting when you didn’t make the transition.
    All the best, Bomani, and thank you for the countless hours of thought provoking commentary.

  4. Wow. dag. You succeeded. gucci mane,a hater rejected by the listeners,opening ears/eyes…my friends marvel at the rurality calling you, caring and broadening their colloquial game.
    did you say you were in Florida for a bit.
    1. I’m the painter musician that came in to Carolina alehouse after your first outing & you were talking smack live & I had to see it.
    J.onair is a mutual friend.Coming from A&T ,I concur on the homecoming $;can no longer speak on tenders-
    2. if you need anything hollar.I can send tenders to bail from any struggle.
    p.s. I played drums for dres /mr.longe on that black sheep trk.
    good works w/ econ & don’t forget my pitch for you as Semi w/ Eddie in ‘Back to Africa’ (Coming to America 2).
    No one, has the aggregate game to do that show you did for us.

  5. bo what happened mane? i’ve been a listener for quite awhile, what gives with you an Joe Obvious? was his call this morning? if you go to another station hit me up mane. good luck to ya, trae

  6. I did not care for your show at first Bomani, but man I grew to like and respect it! You were on point and cracked me up everyday at lunch. Gonna miss your show! Good luck in the future.

  7. that’s a shame man, i loved your take on sports and life in general and i liked the connection of having a local cat that could articulate some of the finer points the way you did. in media to be a fan of someone you have to connect with them, and i think you did a great job of talking with us and not at us, and i felt like you and your show were just a part of my friends and my life. best of luck man, i’ll be keepin’ tabs to see where you land.

  8. Bo, Hate that you are going off the air. I have enjoyed listening to you over the last year. I hope that you have taken away just as much from your listeners as we have taken from you. You always get me to look at things from a different angle and through different eyes. I will keep checking your blog and web site to see what you are up to. I told my wife it was like one of my best friends was moving away but I have never met you. You are a good dude form what I can tell and hope things go good for you.

  9. BO,I know you will okay.But wut why those clowns can’t see how mouch we love and enjoy you and Stangle,I don’t know.Small thing!Your future is bright.All you you did here is increase your stats.I look forward to hearing real soon,some where.I love you,Bo,Take care.Big John.

  10. Bo, I am sad to see the end of your shows. You are able to talk about so many things other than sports and are wise beyond the few years you have been on this earth. I will miss the show and look forward to hearing you again. The clowns at the station that made the decision not to keep you thru the changeover will regret it as you continue to rise in your career. Take care and God Bless.

  11. Did not always agree. Loved listening, it made me think, which with today’s media drivel on the airwaves was refreshing.
    You were always respectful no matter what a callers views were. Hope you keep in broadcasting. I will listen on the net. Keep us updated

  12. Bo, this is tough news. Allow me to thank you for giving us some thoughtful, unabashed, funny, and intelligent radio that at times transcended sports. I lost my job a year and a half ago and moved back to the Chapel Hill area. I was “struggahlingk”: taking care of a 4 year old and a six month old. I spent many hours driving them around listening to your show – muting the audio as needed ;). You lifted my spirits and I swear, quieted my screaming baby on more than one occassion. My four year old would ask, “When can we hear Bomani?” when NPR was on. There is no doubt you’ll be back on in a much bigger market if that is what you want. We listened to the show yesterday and were touched. They cancel Deadwood, Arrested Development, Sports Night, Freaks and Geeks, Mr. Show….now you.
    Please, please tell me the rumor about Taylor Zarzour (sp?) ain’t so. That guy couldn’t even hold Gold’s jock. You have an agent, I assume. Dude needs to be burning it up right now. Keep us posted and God bless.

  13. Sorry to see you leaving, Bomani… 620 just lost a listener. I’ll miss hearing someone who was always able to see the different side to sports, and called it like it was.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for everything buddy. 620 and the ESPN family of stations has done the Triangle a disservice. You are the only announcer who truly felt ‘local’ especially to the Durham community.
    You will be missed.

  15. Man I knew the first time I heard this show you were not going to be here long. Too much talent for this market. Always truthful and respectful, you always had airplay in my patrol car. Godspeed

  16. Bomani,
    It’s almost 10AM on Monday, November 2nd.
    What the hell am I supposed to listen to now?
    I guess I’ll just place iTunes on shuffle.
    Please update us soon.

  17. It’s not too surprising to me. All good things must come to n end and in all honesty, you were too good for this area and the local market proved that it could not handle outside of the box thinking. I didn’t always agree with your take on sports and life but I always felt I was better for having your perspective while challenging my own set of beliefs. You will be missed but you will be moving on to bigger and better things. Just wish it was here.

  18. Good riddance to the sell-out brother.
    If there’s one guy in America that I’m glad is unemployed, it’s this no talent hack.
    Don’t call it “leaving,” your ass got canned. Start collecting welfare checks, TarHeel.

  19. Bomani, I cannot believe you aren’t going to be avialable in the Durham radio market anymore. I have been listening to local and national talk radio for at least 15 years here and in Austin, TX and your show was by far the best one I have ever heard. Your commentary is compelling, intelligent, insightful and challenging. I just can’t believe I’m not going to be able to hear your opinions and comments anymore. Bomani, PLEASE get another show in the Durham area. Oh, and I thought Mike Stangl was the perfect foil for you. What a great team.

  20. Damn Bo,
    I need my 10AM 3 hour lunch break fix. You did a great job on both shows. Local Triangle talk radio is dead now that ESPN has taken over. This seems like when Isiah bought the CBA, trying to make local niche markets region and nation. Hopefully, another radio station will switch formats and bring you on board.

  21. Damn, my office is quiet. Sure do miss hearing you on the box. Let us know what you got going soon. One thought, maybe a little “webcast only” action. I’d listen and I know you can get some sponsors.

  22. We knew it was coming and I can’t believe that you are naive enough to not believe the same. I’m not a hater. I listened every day, but unless you’re broadcasting on “BET” radio, you’re just stepping on too many toes. You kept it real [for the most part] but pushed the envelope for the ratings and it bit you in the ass. Live and learn man. I know this post won’t see the light of day, but that’s cool too. Good luck.

  23. Yo Bo, what am going to do without my Saturday morning “Big Dummy” segment? You brought alot of laughter & provocative thought to my life. You are way too good to be away too long from what is clearly your call in life. When one door closes, another door will open. Stay positive, keep the peace and may God continue to bless you.

  24. Yo Bo, what am I going to do without my Saturday morning “Big Dummy” segment? You brought alot of laughter & provocative thought to my life. You are way too good to be away too long from what is clearly your call in life. When one door closes, another will open. Stay positive, keep the peace and may God continue to bless you.

  25. You are missed.I can’t believe you haven’t been syndicated. I know bigger and better things are coming your way. Please keep your loyal listeners informed.

  26. Monday sports radio was’nt the same.I can’t believe Dan Patrick replaced our 3 hour Lunch Break!!! To the haters,Go straight to Hell!!! See you soon BOJO..

  27. i was shocked to see that you were not on the radio today. i will really miss your show. i am a female that likes to listen to sports shows but not necessarily to hear about sports. that is why your show was so great. you discussed the human elements of sports and other topics in ways that most people probably think but would not dare say. thank you for bringing throught provoking talk to the air. hope you the best of luck.

  28. Sorry to see you go. By far you were the best “talent” on any of the 3 stations. I travel frequently so I get to hear sports radio across the country. You have the talent to go to any market you choose. To be honest your style will likely be better received in a more metropolitan market (plus that’s more euros for you). Best of luck and hope to catch on a rental car radio sometime.

  29. Bomani,
    I stay at home with my sons on Thursdays and one of the highlights was getting to listen to you online and i was saddened to hear you weren’t making the transition. Your show was funny, intelligent and just damn entertaining. Good luck and hope to hear you on the air in the future

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