CC, Carlos, Catwoman, and Caucasians

Look here…talk is cheap. In that spirit, I do this here blog for free. But subtlety…that costs money. And since I’m not getting a check for this, don’t expect too much subtlety. For subtlety, check the links on the side. I’ll give you whatever intelligence I have, but that’s all I promise. Should you really want subtlety, holla atcha boi…and send a money order.

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If a white man says you're a house nigger…

I’m not keen on white people using the word “nigga.” Personally, I’ve configured my spell check to recognize it as a word, but it’s not a privilege I’m sharing with everyone. But when Ted Rall referred to Condoleezza Rice as a “house nigga,” it was pants-pissing time.

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The beginning…

I once said that I wanted to have, my own website off the ground in September. Most recently, I said that a couple of months ago, but the original plan was for this to happen in 2001. Three years, two moves, and myriad changes later, here it is.

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