Eight Days to Sunrise…or Sunset?

Eight days until exams, and I’m at home writing this, getting past an overhang. Who knows how to say “burnout” in Espanol? But, not trucking through it means teaching high school, and that won’t be cool in any language.
What the hell…let’s just have some fun this go ’round.

CC, Carlos, Catwoman, and Caucasians

Look here…talk is cheap. In that spirit, I do this here blog for free. But subtlety…that costs money. And since I’m not getting a check for this, don’t expect too much subtlety. For subtlety, check the links on the side. I’ll give you whatever intelligence I have, but that’s all I promise. Should you really want subtlety, holla atcha boi…and send a money order.

If a white man says you're a house nigger…

I’m not keen on white people using the word “nigga.” Personally, I’ve configured my spell check to recognize it as a word, but it’s not a privilege I’m sharing with everyone. But when Ted Rall referred to Condoleezza Rice as a “house nigga,” it was pants-pissing time.

The beginning…

I once said that I wanted to have bomanijones.com, my own website off the ground in September. Most recently, I said that a couple of months ago, but the original plan was for this to happen in 2001. Three years, two moves, and myriad changes later, here it is.

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