Burning crosses in Durham

So, they’re burning crosses in these parts. Should I care about this.

‘Til they start pullin niggaz out of trucks on some reverse Reginald Denny shit, I’m not trippin’. Even then, I’ll just buy a pistol. There’s a principle issue involved in this, but this incident isn’t big to me. These jokers want attention. I ain’t giving it to ’em.
One thing, though–this isn’t the Klan at work. A note was found at the scene of one of these burnings that was signed, “Sincerely, KKK.”
I could be wrong, but my knowledge of the Klan has not shown them to be passive-aggressive. They tend to stick around to be seen. This is somebody with too much time.
Well, like that ain’t the Klan…
Either way, my concern when things like this happen is whether the authorities are going to do due diligence to find out what’s going on. Basic respect for the shit black folks have to deal with, yanno?
But I’m not about to get riled up about this. Maybe I should, but I’m desensitized on this macro level. Do something analogous in my face and blows will the thrown. But this…I’m more concerned about how I’m going to pay my mortgage.
The best way to deal with unruly children is to ignore them. I’ll continue to do so.

3 thoughts on “Burning crosses in Durham”

  1. Basically, cats who do that are just looking for attention and its corny. The incident should be brushed as if it was some stupid teenager playing around….
    Now if bodies start ending on trees, and molotovs start coming through my windows… then its on…

  2. williethepimp

    I’m not so sure about this “hate crime” business. I think people should be tried the same way whether no matter who they are or whom their victim(s) is/was. In this case why fashion a term to bring in the F.B.I when you could say this arson on private property without permit is an act of terrorism (to me terrorism is tryin to seriously scare folk any day other than 10/31). Or are terrorists only brown? Anyways, the act of public disturbance, trespassing, and arson should get em some time (threat to the “good influence of society” and “freedom” at large or not).

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