Articles written by Bomani Jones

Bulldozed: The Payton-Kemp Sonics

The Payton-Kemp Sonics were truly dominant at their peak. Then they met the 72-win Bulls | Bulldozed

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Bomani on Michael Vick

mani is featured in the latest installment of ESPN series ’30 for 30′. The new two-part documentary provides an in-depth look on the rise, fall and second act career of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

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Tom Joyner, radio icon retiring after 25 years on air

“I learned so much about building a community around content from Tom Joyner. That show was so good at finding commonality within a diverse audience — yes, there is diversity within Blackness — and serving many wants and needs simultaneously. It’s hard to be entertaining, informative and educational without ever talking down to your audience….

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Bob Ley: The Coolest Man At The Operation

Bomani shares his thoughts on retiring ESPN anchor Bob Ley, the man he credits with his success. coolest man at the operation. in many ways, outside the lines jumped my career off, largely due to the indulgence of bob ley. — bomani (@bomani_jones) June 26, 2019 “..coolest man at the operation. in many ways,…

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