Articles written by Bomani Jones

ESPN The Magazine’s NBA Preview Issue

Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre break down the NBA’s biggest dramas.Find out what 30 prestige league television moments made the list. This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s NBA Preview issue. Subscribe today! Watch Pablo S. Torre and Bomani Jones debate hoops every day on “High Noon.”

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The Undefeated: Kaepernick’s Plight for Justice

Bomani Jones takes an intimate look at the Colin Kaepernick national anthem controversy. Read More

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Why There Will Never Be Another Prince.

Prince is dead. It sounds implausible, even in a world where the only kinds of people are those who will die and those who already have. But if there were two types of people on the planet, Prince always seemed to belong to a third. And now he’s done the only ordinary thing any of…

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Why Do We Care So Much About What’s Wrong with Kanye?

  By Bomani Jones All four of Kanye West’s solo albums since 2008 have elicited the same question: What’s wrong with this guy? We could figure it out when he released 808s and Heartbreak, as he was kind enough to put the answer in the title. Everything since has spurred reactions ranging from psychoanalysis to…

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There is nothing more attractive about a musician than audacity. We give our stars the freedom to do pretty much whatever they want, so long as they please us. The irony of that trade is they often become musically safe in order to protect the spoils that come with stardom. Bowie stunned us with his…

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Is This the End of OutKast, the Greatest Duo in Rap History?

I’m going to Atlanta to see OutKast because I’ll never see them live again. That’s why my best friend from growing up is flying in from Houston and my road dogs from North Carolina are making the trip. It’s why I bought as many tickets as I could whenever they were available, just to make…

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