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THE RIGHT TIME: The Facebook Effect

The Right Time Recommends “The Facebook Effect” by David Kilpatrick

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THE RIGHT TIME: Author Howard Bryant

Howard Bryant joins Bomani to discuss how uncertainty and disorder have effected the country and corporations.

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THE RIGHT TIME: NBA Great Chris Bosh

Bomani Jones is joined by former Heat Forward Chris Bosh to introduce his newsletter “Last Chip”.

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THE RIGHT TIME: A Recap of Bo’s Debate with Will Cain

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth do a postgame recap of Bo’s debate with Will Cain on the radio, and expand the discussion about race relations in the United States (2:30). Bo shares why he thinks Bubba Wallace deserves props in the face of people calling hoax on him, and the guys discuss the attachment people…

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THE RIGHT TIME: Josh Levin of Slate

Josh Levin of Slate talks David Duke and the KKK. He also tells us about the new season of his podcast, Slow Burn. You can hear the Slow Burn podcast here: #TheRightTime Listen below. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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THE RIGHT TIME: Civil Rights Lawyer Carl E. Douglas

Watch the episode Bomani calls probably the best guest spot in #TheRightTime history. Ex-O.J. Simpson Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer Carl E. Douglas joins the show (26:08) to discuss the country’s history with policing and why George Floyd’s murder has created this moment (26:23).

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