Happy 40th Bo!

Today is Bomani’s big day. We’re wishing you all the best today and beyond. Here’s to happiness, prosperty and good health in the years ahead.

Happy Birthday!

98 thoughts on “Happy 40th Bo!”

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Jones. I have been a fan of your work for a long time. Your voice is both welcome and needed. Especially now. Untangling nuance is no small feat. Be well and enjoy your day.

  2. Happy Birthday Bo!!! I hope that you have a great birthday! I really appreciate all of the content that you have provided us and continue to provide throughout the years.

  3. Happy Birthday Bomani. I wish society would gift you a full slate of NBA Playoff basketball today, but alas, no dice.

    I hope that your life outside of work is as joyous and successful as you deserve.

    Now that I’m working sane hours I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing so much more of you.

  4. Happy Birthday Bomani!

    Thank you for your excellent storytelling and thoughtful discussions. I’m protecting my spirit this week with repeat listening of you telling the Earl Thomas story. Guaranteed belly laughs! I’m so immature!

  5. Freddie Robinson

    Happy birthday, Bo! Thanks for always bringing facts to the table and making the time I listen to you educational and funny! Stay cool and make sure to come back ready to fire off!!

  6. I appreciate you being unique and embracing your uniqueness. Thank you for teaching me, and helping me thinking differently. I’m an orchestra director and you’ve played a hand in changing my approach to education. Thank you. Happy birthday.

  7. I’m a 73 year old white dude who worked my entire career in Rock radio and the music industry. You know more about music including rock than anyone I know. Happy Birthday and joy and happiness for many more.

  8. YO Bomani this is Drew from Brooklyn NY and I’ve been rocking with you for the longest man. KEEP DOING THE DAMN THING! HAPPY BIRTHDAY big homie the big 4-0 much love Peace!

  9. Happy Birthday, Bomani. my hope for you is the next 40 be better than the first. May your heart be full in these difficult times. I don’t always agree with your positions on sports, or media, or emcees, but I thank you for challenging me to examine my positions and thinking. Appreciate your work, I hope it keeps coming.
    Shane in Bowling Green, Ohio

  10. Darren Washington

    Happy Birthday Bo!

    Even though I graduated from the school you love to hate, I’m a HUGE fan. And during these difficult times, COVID-19 and Black people being maimed and murdered at the hands of the police on film, I’m grateful for your podcast. You provide a certain level of clarity, honesty and just the right amount of humor. Enjoy your day! And I always give 5 stars!!!

  11. Happy birthday Bomani.

    I really admire you and thank you for all you have done to help me grow without knowing me. You have left a lasting impact on my life. To many more birthdays, may your dreams continue to be fulfilled.

  12. Happy 40th Bo,

    You may not remember, but I called in a explained “What made me Quit football”. I was the one from Hillside High in Durham.
    Rock you some James, Stevie, and your other musical favorites and sit back and enjoy reaching the 40 yard line!



  13. Happy 40th Bo,

    Rock some James, Stevie, and other musical favorites and just sit back and enjoy reaching the 40 yard line.

    BYW, I’m the guy from Durham, NC that called in some years back explaining “What Made Me Quit Football”


  14. As an old black man I get to say this. Proud of you, youngblood. You’re one of the most talented people in Sports TV and voices like yours are needed more than ever. You’re a great listen. Keep doing what you’re doing. Here’s wishing you a happy 40th and 40 more!

  15. Happy birthday, Bo. You make me a smarter and better person, and we haven’t even met. That’s real talent. Wishing you more happiness & success than you’ve even had time to dream.

  16. Happy Happy Birthday, Bomani! I still count it a birthday blessing for that discussion about our favorite Italian journalist! I hope this day brings you as much joy as that conversation brought me!

  17. Happy Birthday Bo!!!! I have enjoyed your insight and being unapologetically you. You are truly authentic and a great talent in what you do. So keep listening Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird or Simple Man and Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!!!!

    Your loyal fan,

  18. Happy birthday Bo.Thanks for all you do on your various platforms. Your work is always sharp, incisive, and filled with community-building joy. Keep doing what you do. Peace and power.

  19. First off happy birthday and welcome to club 40. The march to 45 is the next milestone. Thank you Mr. Jones for providing us with articulate, intelligent content on all the platforms that are avail to you. You give introspect, honesty and integrity into discourse on all the seemingly important matters as they manifest. Although we have went through two different paths, to get where we are, it’s your voice through intellect and integrity that similarly reflect my thinking, or cause me to challenge the way I think with your perspective. You are greatly appreciated. I’m not a Stan, but I do understand real when I see it. God bless

  20. There is not a day in the past five plus years in which I’m not listening to your work, whether it’s the 2012 you tube videos with SB Nation, your written work, or the archived shows/podcasts, even your non-sports guest appearances on other podcasts. It’s crazy to see how many of your old sports takes still apply today, yet also realizing how right you were on the social state of America is simply sad. Within all your work, there is a perspective that’s unique to many. The thing is, I’ve grown up in an HBCU household my whole life, too. I see the value of that education every day. In fact, I missed my HBCU so much I went back to work there. In you, I see myself, so yeah, it’s inspiring. I’m here for the long haul man, win or lose. It’s wild that 40 is here, I feel more responsible than before, yet I still have moments when I long for being 20-30 and having reckless nights. You seem to channel all the energy into being great without looking like you put in the effort..it’s your swag, your cool factor that I dig more than anything. I’m learning, and that’s the best thing I can say about you.

  21. John von Volkli

    Bo! Happy birthday, and thank you for being a consistently engaging, insightful, funny, and refreshing voice on all your platforms. Here’s to many more years of your voice and words gracing us a few times a week.

  22. Happy 4-0 Bo! Since the Score to the Right Time, I have found your insights to challenge, mock, and illuminate the accepted order of the world.

    Enjoy the get down!

  23. Peter Schumacher

    Been a fan since the panky rang days of ATH. I’ve loved everything you’ve done since and will continue to watch and listen. Thanks so much for the time and work you put in. Have a happy birthday.

  24. Happy Birthday Bomani.

    My Man. I could go on and on singing your (well deserved) praises, but you already know how much respect I have for you.

    I’ll keep it simple: Love you Bo. Happiest of birthdays to you.


  25. I remember listening to The Morning Jones with my daughter (now 10) when she was still only months old. She would later teach her little brothers how to say BEATEMDOWN!

    We hope your birthday is wonderful and wish you many, many more healthy and prosperous years.

    Much love Bo!

  26. From The Score and Mike Hitman, to hearing about you reject an offer that at any other time you (or the rest of us, for that matter) would have taken in a heartbeat, it’s been awesome to watch your journey and evolution, and listen to your voice be unapologetically your own. Welcome to the 40 club from one 1980 baby to another. I think we should reserve the right to re-celebrate 40 next year though if the Rona gets taken care of. But if we’re being real, it might have to be the year after.

    Keep up with the yoga, and wearing a mask, too.

  27. Happy 40th Bo!

    Not only have you opened my ears to some great music but you’ve opened my eyes to perspectives on issues that I hadn’t considered. Thank you for making me smarter and, hopefully, cooler too.

  28. Happy Birthday Bo! Thanks for all the work you have and continue to do to keep us challenged and educated. Your voice is a much needed presence. Enjoy the Big 40!! Much Love…

    Zürich Switzerland

  29. Happy Birthday Bomani! Big fan from the Philippines and got to your content pretty late, only during your Around the Horn Days but back in the late 2000s or early 2010s but better late than ever and thank you for the shows and constant education, and almost always took your side versus Pablo on High Noon haha!

    P.S. You talking about the Braves, especially a certain NLCS game against the Marlins and the late umpire really shows the pain in your voice from taking that narcotic and it’s hilarious!

  30. Donald Baker III

    Happy birthday Bro! Thanks for always moving the needle and showing that no matter what it’s okay to be yourself in all situations. Your success is inspiring.

  31. I am late but happy born day Bomani I have been a fan for years and greatly appreciate all that you’ve given us. Enjoy your well earned vacation man peace.

  32. Yo wat up Bo. Man I look forward to listening to your opinions and thoughts on any show/platform you may be gracing we need more folks out here like you. Keep holding down and enjoy the much needed break

  33. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for always being unapologetically yourself. Honesty is lost in the world and you have always been a breath air. I hoped you enjoyed your birthday

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