House of Strauss Pod

I’ve known Bomani for about as long as I’ve been in this business and yet I never know what to expect when we catch up, beyond a great conversation. On this pod, he was candid about his adventures in sports television and insightful on a wide range of other subjects. The conversation includes, but is not limited to:* What it’s like to host a show* The time Bomani called me after I got fired* What prediction on his show is Bomani most proud of?* Sports and the crypto collapse: Why were athletes main characters? * Why doesn’t the NBA do promos like this? * We reflect on Bomani’s contention, “College basketball was better when Duke was the official team of White America.”* Does America benefit from sports rivalries as proxies for ethnic conflict?* Why did White America give up on basketball?* Why didn’t High Noon totally work and why was Bomani open about that reality? * What it’s like to perform your friendship for an audience when things aren’t working* Bomani’s thoughts on Skip Bayless vs. Shannon Sharpe* Bomani’s thoughts on his (perhaps) imitators* Is Chat GPT-style technology going to replace musicians? * Can the human love for music be wholly gamed by robots?

 Ethan Strauss