So you want your woman to do everything you dream of? Well, see how crazy some of those dreams sound when written down.

So fellas, you know how you’d like your woman to do all kinds of little things to make your stankin’ ass happy? You know what I mean–adventurous sex with fancy laund-ray and stuff, cooking dinner, leaving you alone when you want to be left alone?
Doesn’t sound so bad when you’re talking to your boys, does it? Well, check how that stuff looks when it’s written down. And read every single line.
The cat that drafted this contract is, incontrovertibly, a wacko. However, I think it might be interesting to consider whether half the things we’d like are a wee bit unreasonable. To that question, I have no answer.
(And no, I don’t think most cat want the more ridiculous things in this contact.)
Also, the Language Arts show on Saturday was off the meat rack. Be sure to check out their site right here (and on the blogroll).