MJ and Me

Well, the Michael Jackson trial is about open. It’s actually been more low-key than I expected, but I still wonder how his career will shape up after it’s all over–assuming he’s still got one. This is what I said a couple of months ago, and I still hold to that for the most part. There’s just no telling what will happen in the court of public opinion.
But, the end of the trial is good for me…

A couple of years ago, I flew to New York to be interviewed for a documentary on MJ a British company was doing on MJ. The day the joint was to hit the air happened to be the same day the Man raided Neverland. For obvious reasons, the show was pulled off the air and shelved indefinitely. Well, now that the trial is nearly done, interest in the doc has been revived, so it should air. The four or five of you reading this in England, please be on the lookout for “The Michael Jackson Story.” They’ve added new footage since the first version–including some clips of me they flew me to London to record–but I was featured pretty prominenly in the first cut. So if you wanna find out what I sound like, that’s the place to go. Or, you can go to the bidness blog and listen to any audio post.
I really have no idea what to say about the MJ trial, though. There appears to be some suspect shit going on with those kids, but who really knows. The veracity of children’s statements is questionable intrinsically, but they seem to seriously be on the hustle.
But Mike is just messed up enough in the head to make any accusation seem possible.
Like I said, no idea.
I just hope justice is served. I just have no idea what justice is in this one.
Should have a joint on BSN next week and maybe the Ja Rule interview. I’ve also got another pretty big project in the works, but I’ll let you know about it as soon as I feel like I can talk about it without brusing my knuckles against wood.

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