Shameless Promotion of Others

It ain’t just SSP (shameless self-promotion) here in virtual Bomaniland. First, Professor Sandy Darity, my advisor at Carolina and the frequently mentioned Flat Rock Sensei, is featured in the New York Times Magazine (along with his co-authors) for work he has done refuting the “acting white” hypothesis. Click here for a brief synopsis of the work he and Karolyn Tyson are doing on an important topic.

Also, Fred Batiste–a weapon of Mass Destruction–compiled a black college All-America football team for BV, so show the man some love by clicking and going.

A Kobe Bryant rant will be coming before too long…trying to see if I can sell it first, though. Here’s the background info. Be on the lookout. And Cali folks, young Baba will be in your neck of the woods Wednesday.

Somebody said something about juice?

Business…click, go, and peep this month’s BSN joint, a look at Barry Bonds.

An update is coming soon, I promise. School’s been the real deal, but I’ll be back on it shortly. This week’s column will be on TI, and next week’s will be on Anthony Hamilton. Instead of posting here about Grandmaster Flash, that will be a column entry in late January. Be on the lookout for that one.

And belated Happy Happy to Shaka T. and Cam.

Giving Thanks

It’s turkey time. Since I’ll be here in Durham for the holiday away from biological family, I’m sending out to the world all the people and things I’m glad to have in my life in various capacities.

Thanks go out to…

Ron Artest Ain't Nothin' to F… With…

Check this, coming in the aftermath of the brouhaha in Detroit.

“The league issued a statement saying it was reviewing rules and security procedures “so that fans can continue to attend our games unthreatened by events such as the ones that occurred last night.””

Yep, rich white folks should feel free to scream slurs and throw beer at players. Apparently, million dollar contracts must also come with a dignity clause. You know, in signing the contract, players must trade their collective manhood and be at the mercy of the whims of those with courtside seats.

Whatever, man…

The Wonder That is Wireless

This message is brought to you live from my living room!

Your intrepid blogger has finally moved into the twenty-first century, and my vehicle to this new millenium is my new laptop. And since I got the laptop, I had to get the fancy wireless router.

I’ll have carpal tunnel in a week and a half.