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THE RIGHT TIME: A Recap of Bo’s Debate with Will Cain

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth do a postgame recap of Bo’s debate with Will Cain on the radio, and expand the discussion about race relations in the United States (2:30). Bo shares why he thinks Bubba Wallace deserves props in the face of people calling hoax on him, and the guys discuss the attachment people have to symbols from a past that is just plain wrong (25:51). Plus, why Tom Brady thinks he’s above social distancing (50:05) and story time from the worst neighborhood the guys can recall being in (53:10). #TheRightTime Listen below.


THE RIGHT TIME: Josh Levin of Slate

Josh Levin of Slate talks David Duke and the KKK. He also tells us about the new season of his podcast, Slow Burn. You can hear the Slow Burn podcast here: #TheRightTime Listen below.

THE RIGHT TIME: The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith’s “The Jordan Rules” (Final)

Author and journalist Sam Smith joins for the final installment of The Right Time Book Club on his book “The Jordan Rules”, including if he thought it would be controversial when he wrote it, the media’s fascination with Michael Jordan, and Jordan’s view of Horace Grant as “the snitch” when it came to the book’s sourcing (13:48).

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