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THE RIGHT TIME: “The Beautiful Ones” Co-Author Dan Piepenbring

Author Dan Piepenbring shares how he got the job of helping Prince write his memoir “The Beautiful Ones” (1:00). Where did they begin (7:10)? He and Bomani discuss the way in which Prince wanted to address race as a theme in the book (13:54), what surprised him about writing the book (18:05), how difficult the process was (22:08), what they weren’t able to get into in before his passing (26:45), their favorite Prince records (33:05), how he feels now that the book has been released (43:36) and more.

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THE RIGHT TIME: Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson of Slate joins Bomani to chat about his new project “Slow Burn” Season 3: the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (0:29). They dish on episode one, which centers on the night that Tupac got shot five times in a New York recording studio. Also, where the rest of the series could end up and the problematic nature of that time in rap music. You can find it all here: Plus, Joel’s TCU beat Bo’s Texas, so that needed to be addressed (41:57).

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