Coronavirus: Buckle Up

April 1, 2020 admin

So like whatcha been up to? Bo has problems with those who aint staying home.  The real point of staying inside.  Balancing the individual versus the greater good.  The problem with the coronavirus spring breakers and their parents!  Scott Storch versus Mannie Fresh. But where are all the rap battles right now?  Is there any worse place to be at the moment than the barber shop.  Will the coronavirus results in more divorces or newborns?  Bomani’s review of Tiger King and the height of white privilege.  That Lil Dicky dude can rap though.  Why Bomani will never take a cruise.  The N95 Mask FBI raid.  

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  1. Geoff

    Being cooped up like this has me thinking of all time wishlist vacation spots. First that come to mind are New Zealand, Croatia, and the Maldives. Where would you like to go where you have not yet?

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