May 6, 2020 admin

The company gotta send Bo some stuff so he can do work from the crib and #TEJ has never looked better.  Bomani asks what’s a long way to really ride on a bike?  Socialization while engaging in social distancing.  Bomani’s bicycle tale from this weekend has a not so happy ending.  Do you handle failure or success better?  The Ahmaud Arbery video.  Bo’s working out to get his Bruce Lee-roy on.  Will parents still send their kids to karate class? The time when Bomani ran Chris Brown out of the Google Hangout video chat.  Who are these new blacks? and more ….

#TEJ #thatringlight #BicycleTales #DontFallDown #BruceLee #theeveningjones


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  1. allenstar

    Always insightful. It’s masterful how Bomani articulates his opinions and keeps his day job

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