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This week:

Bomani finally found some time to write again.  The nuances of being a writer.  What Pandemic? Bo tries to remember the last day he had a day off.  So you can get a driver’s license just with a parent’s approval?  A Kanye/Mozart comparison.  An Insecure new season review.  Bo’s advice on attire for virtual graduates.  Things will get real if we get to the point of a meat shortage.   Thoughts on the upcoming Three 6 Mafia vs. Bone Thugs IGLive.  Can Bo still run the table on Mike Tyson’s Punch-out.  Are you going out on day 1 of the re-opening?  Bo got a new bike, his adventure riding it home and more …

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  1. Gary Mull

    I was thinking on a podcast to uplift and educate our black folks just a whole forum on how to get through this and after and how to navigate job world during and after this what you think ??

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