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This week:

Bo can’t get comfortable and his building is on lockdown.  The new elevator rules and Bomani ponders all the other things that this Rona has stopped.  Corona virus causing strokes too now.  The Babyface vs. Teddy Riley’s old man battle.  Are you gonna be in line for the vaccine?  Diddy don’t want that smoke with Dre.  Is this really the best time to start a new paid streaming service?  Sheila E. got a lot of face time on that Prince tribute.  Bo shares his 6 degrees of separation to The Floaters and more…

#TEJ #WashYoHands #HitsAintJams #StayHome #OldManBattle #WheresYoMask #theeveningjones

#BomaniJones #theeveningjones

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