While I fight this plague or whatever it is–the doctor was clueless, and I’ve got a prescription that’s done nothing to verify that–I’m watching McDonald’s All-American Game.  Eh.
But I just saw a commercial for “300,” which I saw with my girlfriend the other day.  ‘Twas a good movie.  War flicks tend to have a bit too much gratuitous violence for me, but this one was good.
Only thing–did anyone notice how every Spartan in the movie was swole as all get out?  Why has no historian noted that Sparta was also home to civilization’s first gym?
Straight up–check the flick and see what I’m talking about.  It was all six-packs, guns, and barrel chests.  You can’t get like that just doing exercises.  Them dudes had to have been working with weights.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think it was like that back in the day.  I’ve seen clips of the NBA in the ’50s.  These dudes would have broken Bob Cousy over their knees.