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*Today’s post is written while I hang with John Underwood. Recklessness is likely to ensue…*
Big update. First, peep this joint on Michael Vick at the Black Sports Network. Next, this week’s joint in the column is on the fantastic documentary series VH1 has done on hip hop. Last week, the column met some technical difficulties, but I’ll be there every Friday. AOL users can reach Black Voices by typing Keyword: BV. If you can’t already, you will soon be able to set BV as your Welcome screen, so be on the lookout for that option. Shouts to KG, Tanu, and GD and the squad for getting that new venture off the ground.
Moving along, it seems Ray Benzino is at it again…

I’ve written before about Benzino’s vendetta against Eminem. Give that a look-see, because that’ll save me the time of railing on him again. But, in that piece, I made a point many people didn’t catch, and that was that Ray may have sabotaged himself with the method he used in going at Em.
With all the false alarms Ray sent out about Eminem stealing hip hop from black people, he opened the possibility that he would say or come across something significant, only to be ignored for crying wolf. Well, that wound up happening. He found a tape of Eminem talking about women like they were nothing, and he gave it to the world. What was the resulting reaction? A lot of ambivalence. Hell, Ray even wound up having to pay Em 131K for using his voice without permission.
He lost…big time.
Now, the hubbub is about Em’s joking about Michael Jackson his new video. Ummm, OK.
If picking on Michael Jackson is not allowed, I’d have been in jail years ago. As would you.
There’s some case about making fun of Michael Jackson being wrong, and I can sorta buy it. Long of the short–child molestation isn’t funny. But, Ray’s attacking this using a different route. He’s saying that Em is disrespecting the culture that makes children proud to be black.
It’s Michael Jackson. Last thing that comes to my mind when I think of Mike is black pride. In fact, I’m not thinking of anything black. If I have to trade in my Negro card to pick on Michael Jackson, I’ll give it back and change my name from Bomani to Bob.
Get a grip, Zino. This isn’t worth the time. Well, at least it’s not worth the time for me. And realize a Michael Jackson joke will not tear hip hop down.
The new De La Soul joint, The Grind Date, is off the meat rack. Getting more specific ruins the surprise…just bump it and love it. It’s on the level of Stakes Is High, which remains a banger almost nine years after being released.
Mighty Mos, however, may be a little too out there for me. Some moments are genius, though. Still haven’t peeped the Kweli, but I should shortly.
Happy Birthday, Corren.
Nuck If You Buck vs. White T…you tell me which is better/worse..
Next week in the column, Jigga, Kelly, and deja vu. And this column was written while listening to Bob Marley’s “Easy Skanking.”

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