And this must be said--this here will lead into something far more interesting and important, which was my trip to Bristol, CT yesterday.

So, my good friend RPM decides to hit me with one of them bloggin’ chain letters. The problem with these things is you can’t just lie and say you sent the thing out. But only because I love her so–and I’m way more open than I probably should be, even though I’m not–here’s more about me.
And this must be said–this here will lead into something far more interesting and important, which was my trip to Bristol, CT yesterday. Really, I need to post something while I can, and I won’t be able to do the post I wanna do until after work.

Ten years ago: That damn awkward age.
Five years ago: The absolute bottom.
One year ago: Studying for qualifiers, not realizing that being out of grad school can be so much better than being in it.
Yesterday: Meeting with the editorial staff at
Today: Flew back to Durham, acquired more fantastic “at the airport” stories, and headed to work.
Tomorrow: Work…again.
5 snacks I enjoy: Turtles, Altoid Sours (if the count), Snickers, ice cream, that stuff we used to eat all the time back in the day.
5 artists/bands that I know the lyrics of most of their songs: Kast, Stevie, Jigga, T.I., Language Arts (at least they ones they do at shows)
5 things I would do with $100,000,000: Buy you–oh yeah, you–and four of your friends. Then, I’d party like it’s 1860! But this time, I won’t be the party favor.
5 locations I’d like to runaway to: Five different spots in Amsterdam. Best believe it’s heaven on earth.
5 bad habits I have: Narrowing this to five is really impossible.
5 things I like doing: Writing (though love is proper term, definitely the first on the list of things that consumes me), partaking Altoids, playing EA Sports games on the Deuce, talking about music, reading good bios.
5 things I would never wear: briefs (if it’s laundry time, go to the hoopin shorts), anything saying Morehouse or Duke, dress shoes that aren’t black or brown, one of those belt buckles with a name on it (you don’t need to know my name, sucka), color contacts (to start, they’re a tad self-loathing on black folks).
5 TV shows I like: SportsCenter, Law and Order, PTI, Chappelle’s Show, and that might be it. Used to watch South Park a lot.
5 movies I like: The Godfathers I and II, Coming to America, Shaft, House Party (not the top 5, but the first 5 to comes to mind).
5 famous people I’d like to meet: It might just be Ali and Mandela. Most other folks are famous for dangerous or irrelevant reasons. Oh, but I’d love to hang with Big Boi for one night.
5 biggest joys at the moment: writing, talking to the fam, reading Classic Wiley, and some other shit. More on Classic Wiley soon.
5 favorite toys: Nomad, new cell phone, PS2, and that’s bout all I got/need.
5 people to tag: Won’t even do you like that.