2.0, and Elon

Welcome to the new Bomani! For a while, I’ve been intending to change the look and add a couple of things to the site, but I was wholly incapable of handling that. To the rescue came my buddy Jacque DuBose, who I met when I was in school in California. I thank her for her assistance, and I hope you dig the new look. Coming soon will be podcasts on whatever comes to my mind, complete with beats from Sneaky Pete and a couple of other folks.
So uhhh, let me know if you know anything about podcasting. My desire to do that doesn’t mean I actually know anything about it.
(Oh, Drew asked if the picture on the splash page means I’m taking myself so seriously now. Well, only as seriously as anyone can be taken while wearing his aunt’s mink.)
If you dig the site and think you would like a site design from Jacque, please check her out at
Business update, also…I’m now a news writer for Little things like this. Thanks to Hashim Warren for putting me down. You can also look out for me in the November issue of VIBE, where I’ll have a short piece on basketball. Thanks to this lady I know oever there for that one.
Also, today’s a momentous occasion, for I teach my first classes at Elon today. That’s right–I’m officially Professor Jones today. Or something like that.
This is gonna be a bit of an adjustment. I tried to get the kids online to download their syllabus yesterday, but there were hassles with Blackboard. That meant they were asking me questions that I couldn’t answer. That’s no fun.
When you’re the TA, you simply pass stuff like that off. When you’re the T, you gotta do it yourself. And when you get it wrong, you hear about it. No fun, Jack.
But I’m really looking for it. The only thing I miss about graduate school was teaching and working with kids. Now, I get to do that, and I do it for more than the crazy low wage I got as my graduate stipend. A new era indeed.
Should be back a little later, but I’ve got a few things to get done in the meantime. Happy Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “ 2.0, and Elon”

  1. Man, glad about your ongoing success. I like the site. Don’t care for the intro photo too much, but this is YOUR site, and you do what you want to do on this thing. Keep it up.

  2. Prof. Jones? That’s almost as scary as President Fred. Congrats on the site update and the gig with
    I like the photo but you needed a big hat with a feather in it to really set it off.

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were an “Eagles” fan with all this green.
    Nice look… um, I mean the “page” that is… Really, it’s a nice change. Not sure about the look in the splash image… (Hehe!)
    Sorry, any man in a mink, is one letter from “Pink.” Oh, but it looks good on you though… (in my best Rodney Dangerfield voice)

  4. Oh, regarding your Podcasts, are you going to submit them to iTunes? While I haven’t tried, I hear it’s easy to do so that you can use iTunes to manage your ‘casts like all the other ones we’d subscribe to.

  5. Okay, a little word of advice from Professor Rachel, don’t call them “kids”.
    I know they don’t act like they are full grown, but they ain’t kids. I have to remind my students of that all the time. The worst is when their Mama’s call to ask about their grades.
    PS-Nice new look.

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