It’s been a while, but it’s time for some of that good SSP.  Check out TV One next week from Sunday – Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.  There’s a special on called The Blacklist: 100 Greatest Power Moves, and I’ll be serving as what they call a “talking head.”  It’s a good special, and my suit looks pretty good.
I’ll tell you this, though…I ain’t making no promises about how much I’m actually on the show.  I was watching a sample clip — sorry, but I can’t find the link — and I noticed a lot of people waaaaaaay more famous than me.  Catch me while you can!
But please catch me.  Thank you, as always.

7 thoughts on “BOMANI ON TELEVISION!”

  1. just so happened to be watching it a few nights back and was like “wait…was that…OH SHIT, THAT WAS BOMANI!”
    and then spent the rest of the time watching and waiting for them to show you again so i could be sure, but they never did, the bastids.
    pretty good list, though…although i cram to understand how beyonce is higher than dubois. then again, they did say “black POWER moves”

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