Bo's in a book, kinda…

Business…did the Jump this morning.
Also, check out the new Boondocks compilation in stores.  Contained in its pages is a quote from an interview Aaron McGruder did with me a few years ago.  Not a biggie, but it’s pretty cool to me.  Give it a look.
I’ve been working on a post about my high school reunion, and I just can’t make it sound right as of now.  It’ll be up before too long, I reckon.
Oh, copped the new Guitar Hero.  I need to hurry up and get to the good songs.  I’ll be damned if i paid money to play a song by Poison.

7 thoughts on “Bo's in a book, kinda…”

  1. Apparently you can unlock Bret Michaels and play as him…but I’m guessing that’s not gonna be who you play with…
    I’m telling you, “When You Were Young” by the Killers is where it’s at. There’s some other hotness further down the list, but I won’t spoil those for you if you haven’t made it there yet.

  2. It never fails to amaze me how many Killers fans there are. I have to admit they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I feel like I should be ashamed to admit it.

  3. don’t be ashamed of your love, Kirk….I share “the love that dare not speak it’s name” as well…their whole first album is on my iPod and at least 2 songs cracked the top 25, so I’m not mad at them.

  4. They’re becoming a guilty pleasure for me as well, Kirk. My brother’s a huge fan, but I’d never really gotten into their music much before GHIII.
    Must be something about “playing” along on a 1/3 scale plastic Les Paul that makes their music a lot better for me.

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